About Us

Every project, no matter the size, deserves our best work.

We know how to turn ideas into practical, cost-effective, reliable solutions – and our clients love us for that. 

By its very nature, electrical construction is an extremely precise, hazardous business and we take it very seriously.  Our team will look for ways to maximize your construction dollars without ever compromising on safety or quality.  Our management staff all come from field backgrounds, and many came up through the trades together – so not only do we know how electricity works, and how systems need to be built safely, we also know that it takes a team effort to build a project successfully.

We are proud of our 30 plus years as master electricians, and we like to drive by and see the end results of our hard work. But what matters most to us is your satisfaction. We want to continue to work for you, and we want to build communities and futures with you. It’s that simple. We know that what looks good on paper isn’t always what’s best for your project, so we work closely with you to identify and create the most value for your budget and power requirements, and to develop construction plans that work successfully for you, your project and the real world.