Foreman and Journeyman Electricians

The best in the business make sure your project gets the full attention it deserves.

Hiring and retaining a highly skilled workforce is one the most important things we do for you.

NAE’s significant skilled field operations – our foremen and journeymen electricians, the heart and soul of our company –  are comprised of highly trained, masterfully skilled, State-Certified electricians.  We’re not only proud, we’re in awe, of those on our team who continue to expand their skills and knowledge in pursuit of better careers, a better world and better lives.

Our Foremen and Journeymen are the best in the business, and many have been with us almost since the beginning. These top individuals received their Certification after taking and passing California’s rigorous Electrician Certification exam, which is a challenging test to pass even for those with decades of proven skills and experience. In addition to the Certification Exam, skilled electricians must continually maintain their certification by taking 32 additional credit units every three years.

All of our workforce is passionate about what they do, and it shows in the quality work our company produces.

Interested in becoming an Apprentice Electrician?

We also recruit and hire apprentices, those who have not yet acquired skills but are considering careers in the trades.  They are our future, and the perpetuity of electrical construction for all skilled Electricians.

Apprentices, also known as Electrical Trainees, are enrolled in formal training programs and, while going to a four year trade school, work under the direct supervision of a skilled foreman or journeyman electrician. This master-to-apprentice method has been handed down over centuries, and is still the best way to pass on the acquired knowledge and finesse of seasoned, master electricians to the future generations of individuals seeking careers in this line of work.  Once an apprentice has completed their four years (8,000 hours) of classroom and on-the-job training, they are eligible to take the challenging State exam.  Once they pass, only then can they call themselves a true Foreman or Journeyman Electrician.

If you are looking for an opportunity to either develop a new career path, or change the one you’re on, and are prepared to study hard, pay careful attention every day in your workplace, learn the skills, techniques and codes, be patient and show respect for those who are training you, and practice and apply everything you’ve learned and know in a hands-on environment every single day for four years….give us a call! You very well may have a future in this exciting and rewarding trade!

We value integrity, respect and appreciation for diversity, and we believe in the American Dream – creating opportunities and building futures so people can live better lives.