Design Build

Built New Age Electric Tough!

Design/Build accounts for the lion’s share of work we produce.  With many thousands of projects and multi-millions of dollars of electrical construction under our belts, NAE has become one of the Bay Area’s electrical design/build specialists.  We design and engineer the entire electrical system – from power planning to lighting design and telemetrics, to programming and system controls.

Beginning with design collaboration from all members of the design/build team, we then perform calculations, design the engineering and layout, and perform all aspects of the construction and installation.  We permit, layout, build and inspect the work, and assist occupants in using and adapting to their new work environments. This design/build approach creates a team partnership, where all have a vested interest and work in agreement to create practical, effective building solutions within the defined budget.

When you work with NAE, you deal directly with one company, one contract and an integrated flow of the electrical construction process from initial design concept through construction completion and user occupancy.  Our extensive experience means we can provide construction alternatives to our clients, helping you utilize your budget in ways that allow for project enhancements and upgrades and best overall value.